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Strandgade 1 
DK-4000 Roskilde 
tel. +45 46 35 42 22 
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Opening hours:
Monday noon-4pm
Tuesday 2pm-6pm
Wednesday noon-4pm
Thursday noon-3pm
Friday noon-6pm
Saturday/Sunday Closed

Or by appointment:
tel +45 46 35 42 22
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The forgotten treasure trove
A brazier is dealing with everything in brass and copper. If you take the time, there are many treasures to be found at a brazier's place.
by Christina Jensen

A polished padlock from the distant past shines in competition with the countless candlesticks that stand in columns. Impressive chandeliers are hanging in clusters from the ceiling. In the small shop everything is shining and glittering. Making it look like the cave of Ali Baba.

In Denmark there are only six braziers left. One of them is Jens Murillo. In his small shop in Roskilde, he sells reconditioned brass and copper items. In the back of his shop, he has an even smaller workshop.

All the items in the braziers shop has a story. Here you'll find great-grandmother's old candelabras next to the radiator mascot from a long-forgotten car, and a brass comb is humbly stoved away in a wooden cupboard filled with strange itmes.

"I preserve the history," says Jens Murillo, while he is proudly looking at his impressive treasury.